Seven Signs You’ve Started to Let Yourself Go…

“Man, I’ve got such a busy week coming up.  I have to go to the gym five times, and make sure I eat right” — Said no one, ever

Let’s face it, when we get really busy, it’s our healthy habits that suffer.  And hey, sometimes work or school obligations need to take priority.  But here are seven signs that maybe, just maybe, you’ve started to let yourself go:

Your gym stuff is accumulating dust


Is this your home gym? Does your gym bag have a think layer of dust on it? These are pretty sure signs that you haven’t been exercising lately. Nothing is more important than your health, so make time for a few quick workouts this week (check out our recent Workout Wednesday posts).

You haven’t done laundry in a while


If wearing the same thing you wore yesterday starts to become a common fashion decision for you, that’s not a good sign. You need to look your best to be your best.

You look tired pretty much all the time


Have you been hearing “You look tired” a lot lately?  Take the hint, and catch up on your sleep. You can only burn the candle at both ends for so long.

Your clothes seem to be shrinking…


Or that least that’s the only explanation you can think of.

Your friends don’t remember you


If you call up your friends and they say “Jake who?” (assuming your name is in fact Jake), this is a bad sign.  In all seriousness, it can be hard to find time for our friends when life gets hectic, but just think of all you’ve invested into those friendships, and all that they’ve done for you.

Things in the bedroom have gotten… quiet


It’s quiet…. too quiet. We don’t need to go into too much detail here, but let’s just remember that there are many facets to a happy, well-rounded life — not just work.

Your kitchen appliances have become extra storage space


Has your busy schedule meant that you’ve been ordering a lot of takeout lately?  If you haven’t cooked for yourself in a while, schedule some time this week to make yourself a home-cooked meal. You deserve it.

7 Tips for Better Time Management

If you’re like us, you’re pretty darn busy most of the time.  Sometimes it feels like there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done.  Here’s the good news: better time management techniques can really make a difference.  We can’t put more hours into your day, but try some of the tips below, and it might feel like we did.

Track your time


To get started, take a week and actually track where you spend your time.  Where are the gaps?  Are you spending too much time watching TV?  If you don’t know where your time is actually going, it’s hard to think about how you can use your time more effectively.

Get organized


To-do lists are key.  Don’t waste any effort trying to remember what you need to do.  Just add it to the list.

Do the little things right away


I know I’m guilty of putting off tasks that will only take a couple of minutes (especially quick email replies).  If it’s a quick task (less than 5 minutes), don’t put it on the to-do list.  Just do it right away and you’ll have one less thing on your mind.

Starting and ending your day


Every morning, spend just a few minutes planning what you want to accomplish that day.  In the evening, review your list, and see how you did.  If you did it all, did you set the bar too low?  If you didn’t finish your list, were your goals realistic?  What prevented you from completing them?  This sort of reflection at the start and end of your day can make a big difference.

Friends don’t let friends multitask


What’s wrong with multitasking?  Everyone’s doing it!  Multitasking may seem like a required skill in the 21st century, but sometimes it slows us down.  If you’re juggling five tasks, you’re not going to be working efficiently, and that’s going to lead to time being wasted.  When you can, eliminate distractions and follow one task to completion before moving on to the next.

It’s okay to say “No.”


The reason many of us got so busy in the first place is because we have a hard time saying “No.”  We can do it all, right?  Maybe, but we do it all well?  Will we drive ourselves crazy in the process?  Knowing your limits is a key aspect of effective time management.

Get your sleep… trust us


We’ve talked before about the power of sleep.  When it comes to time management this can be counter-intuitive; how can shortening the day give you more time?? Well it won’t, but it will make you much more effective, happier and healthier in the time you do have.

Top 10 Excuses for Not Going to the Gym

1. I’m too tired


We’ve all been there, but exercise is really the best thing to do when you’re feeling drained, because of the energy boost you’ll get as soon as you start moving.

2. It’s raining/snowing


Oh well.  Good thing the gym has a roof on it!

3. I’ll go tomorrow


That’s a good plan.  Or, you could actually go today.

4. I don’t have time


In all seriousness, this is a tough one.  We’re all trying to balance a busy YoPro schedule, and some days, you really don’t have time. Before giving in though, really ask yourself if you could make the time, and remind yourself that your health is as much of a priority as anything else on your plate, if not more so.  Can you shuffle your schedule and fit in a quick workout.  Anything is better than nothing!

5. It’s boring


It’s easy to get stuck in a rut now and then, and get tired of your workout routine.  When it happens, the best thing to do is to mix it up.  Change up what you do, and the order you do it in.  Rather than a solo workout, maybe you could meet up with a friend, or play a game of basketball with buddies.

6. I think I might be getting sick


We are not in the business of providing medical advice, and nothing we say can or should replace a doctor’s advice (seriously).  That said, research has not shown that exercising when you might be getting a cold makes you more likely to get sick.  You might want to dial it back a bit, but light exercise shouldn’t make you more likely to come down with that cold, and might even help you fight it off.

7. I didn’t bring my gym stuff with me


The best defense against this excuse is to always be prepared.  Can you leave a gym bag under your desk at work, or in your locker at school.  If you always have what you need to hit the gym, that’s one less excuse you’ll have not to go.

8. I’m hungry


See above.  If you’re always prepared with a granola bar or whatever your favorite healthy snack may be, you won’t skip the gym just because your stomach’s growling.

9. I don’t feel like it


A lot of time we fall back on one of the excuses above because, really, we just don’t feel like it.  Let me offer some sound advice.  Ask yourself when the last time was that you actually regretted going to the gym, and then ask yourself when the last time was you regretted NOT going to the gym.  If that doesn’t work, think about how great you feel after a workout.

10. Too busy reading Busy Guys, Balanced Lives

…….That’s a tough one.  Do you have a tablet or smartphone?  Why don’t you read Busy Guys WHILE you’re at the gym?!