We are the YoPro Bros. You don’t know what YoPro bros are? Well get your head in the game and learn the playbook! “YoPro” is an abbreviation for young professional that rhymes (thanks Urban Dictionary, we’d be lost without you). “Bros” are alpha male idiots. Combine the two together and you get us: 5 MBA dudes who came running back to school after stints out in the real world.

Our goal is to help our fellow yopro bros find that elusive work-life balance, focusing on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle in our busy, overachieving lives. From exercise to nutrition to mental well-being, we’ll bless you with our advice while mixing in some actual respected content for you to snack on.

So crank out some pushups, take a power nap, and read on!

The Authors

“Animated Shorts”

20140404_092230 (2)

“Animated Shorts” is a YoPro Bro originally from New England. After earning a BA in Psychology, he spent 6 years in the military before returning to academia. He now balances a dual graduate program at Boston University (an MBA and an MS in Information Systems) with a healthy combination of intramural sports, preposterously large meals, and countless miles running through the streets of Boston. He spends most of his time being sarcastic and is known for being extremely high-energy. And wearing shorts. Active shorts. Short shorts. You might say, “Animated Shorts.”

Don’t want to follow him on a run? Follow him on Twitter instead: @blairlyliving

Or follow all of us: @yoprobros



“Xerxes” is a YoPro Bro hailing from the Boston area. He earned his degree in Business at UConn and spent 3 years working in accounting/financial services, earning his CPA along the way. Much too excitable to last in a career crunching numbers, he returned to school to alter his destiny with the MSIS-MBA dual-masters program at Boston University. A sports fiend and lover of all things that get eaten, you’ll find him trying to balance work with playing sports and getting you to grab some grub. He hit the jackpot with a beautiful wife that works as a dietitian, as he can now use the excuse of healthier foods to eat even more. Just don’t show him Oreos. You’ve been warned.

“The Pulse”


The Pulse has been putting the “Yo” (and the “Pro”) in “YoPro” for several years now, and doesn’t have plans to stop anytime soon.  He lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and is currently working his way through a dual degree program at Boston University, getting an MBA with a Masters in Information Systems (along with “Animated Shorts” and “Xerxes”).  When he’s not hitting the books, he’s aggressively pursuing a reasonable work/life balance, spending time with friends and family, staying fit, and (sometimes) eating well.  At the time of writing, he was very excited that spring weather was coming in Boston, and was eagerly looking forward to spending more time outside after a long, hard winter.


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