Inspired by the Marathon? 3 great programs to get your training going!

If you’re one of hundreds of thousands of spectators that were amazed at this year’s Boston marathon… why not begin the journey to do a marathon yourself!?

It takes time and a lot of dedication… but if you set your mind to it chances are you WILL be able to do one.

To get you started (or a little inspired) here are 3 programs to check out to get you started… and if you want a little tech assistance, don’t forget to check out some Apps to boost your fitness level as well!

1. Hal Higdon

Check the navigation bar on the right – you are VERY likely to find  a program that fits your needs! According to Higdon:

Among my most enjoyable activities is helping runners train for the marathon. I estimate that I have assisted a half million runners reach the finish line of 26 mile 385 yard races. Even that estimate may be low given the number of people who have purchased copies of my best-selling book, Marathon: The Ultimate Training Guide, who have signed up for my interactive training programs or who, like you, have surfed into this Web site.

So… quite legit and great resource to get you going. GO FOR IT! You’ll n

2. BAA (Boston Athletic Association)

What better place than the people in charge of running (pun intended) the Boston marathon itself? They keep it simple with 3 programs (beginner, intermediate, and advanced) so if you’re suffering from too much information-itis, this is a great place to get some basic training programs from.

3. Not quite ready for a marathon? Try the “Couch-to-5K” by Cool Running training program!

So, you’re not a runner, but still want to give the whole running thing a try? Not to worry – the Couch-to-5K program will get you there!

With a combination of walking and running, this program will have you running your first 5K (3.2 miles) in no time!  Another great place for inspiration if you’re new to running.

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