Wednesday Workout: Is There A Core Issue?

We all want those chiseled, washboard abs. Heck, as we get ready for beach season, we want that entire chiseled/jacked/ripped/enter-your-own-term-here body. Something like this, mayhaps?


That means we’ll be hitting the gym as much as possible, throwing around some big-looking weights, and calling it a workout. We’ll probably toss in some sit-ups or crunches at the end to address those abs we talked about. Other than the fact that you should re-think sit-ups/crunches (see the end of last week’s post here), you likely aren’t giving your core the respect it deserves. In fact, your core may actually be a weakness. Not a good look bro (literally and figuratively).

How do you know if your core is a weakness? Luckily, there are many tests that can help us find out. Check out this video, courtesy of, of the trunk stability pushup and give it a try to see where you stand.

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 1.51.08 AM

Ok, so your struggling. You’ve taken a hit to your ego and your confidence isn’t exactly at an all-time high. Your core is a weakness. Not ideal, but we can work with this. Use it as added motivation to get you where you want to be. You can’t fix a problem if you don’t accept its existence.

So how can you work on shoring up your core problems? There are hundreds of variations of ab exercises that hit all different angles of our midsection. The key here, though, is to make sure we are attacking our entire core, from our abs to our obliques to our lower andop0 mid back, to build a stronger, balanced core. A great way to do this is with some weights and a little floor space to perform “farmer’s carries”. Check out these 31 variations from MensHealth for the lowdown.


With a little added attention, we can quickly get our core up to par and get back on track for that six pack that seems to always be stuck at three. Next Wednesday, we’ll build on this topic and create a circuit that can help us finally get those ripped up abs we’ve been yearning for.

Stay tuned!

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